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Harvard Research Says That

A good breakroom with a vast assortment of healthy snacks will improve employee performance 


Healthy snack delivery service in Salt Lake valley


Small, medium and large clients served each week


Square miles serviced from Layton to Provo


Pounds of products delivered each week

How It Works

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Choose fruits from our Citrus, Berry, and Tropical options and customize all you snacking needs!

STEP 2: Order and Checkout

Once your cart is done, place the order and pay it quick and easy with your credit card

STEP 3: Pick up or Delivery

Our second-to-none delivery team will be at your door the next day with sun or rain. Nothing stop them!

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Our Products

Our assortment is vast and we provide the best products in the valley

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What We Do

Since 2013, we've been fillinUtah's business breakrooms with healthy, delicious fruits. We know firsthand the impact a healthy work environment has on productivity, employee retention, and our economy. As a bonus, many insurance companies offer discounts to businesses that promote healthy eating among employees.

Try us today and watch your employees--and your business--thrive

Make healthy snacking easier to achieve!